Spring 2014

IU Enthusiasts

IU Enthusiasts


IU Treasure: You!

What do we treasure at IU?


As a university, we treasure ideas: new insights and understandings expressed in scholarship and made real by the actions of our students, faculty members, and alumni. We value our campuses and facilities—not for their own sake, but for the activity they house and the accomplishments they foster.

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And then there’s you.

Friends like you, who support this university with your gifts, contribute to all the treasures above and make them stronger. You are IU.

And as evidenced here, you show it not just in your generosity. You paint your homes in IU colors. You share your IU pride with your children. You name your pets (and even your cars!) in honor of IU.

For what you give, and for all your expressions of enthusiasm, you are an IU treasure.

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