A Portrait of IU Approaching 200

Study these faces—all expressions of IU—and you’ll notice something curious: The most striking features aren’t physical at all. They’re integrity. Hope. Ingenuity. Enthusiasm. Curiosity. Drive. The same values IU has sought to give face to since its very first year.

Seen through that lens, it’s clear that IU’s bold face of the future is nothing new.
It’s been our look all along. And all of us—students, faculty, supporters, you—are a part of the big picture.

Hardeep Dhillon, biology and neuroscience major

Andrew Braden, master’s student in public affairs

Rachel Vreeman, associate professor of pediatrics

Jackson Gandour, philosophy and telecomm student

Jennifer Huang, English and mathematics major

Lauryn Andrews, tourism, conventions and event management major

Herman B Wells, former IU president (1938 – 1962)

Chelsea Faver, third-year law student

Bang Co, exercise science major

Hisako Masuda, assistant professor of biochemistry

Marietta Simpson, professor of music (voice)

Kristie Hsu, neuroscience student

Stephen Browne, economic consulting and finance major

Lindsey Pink, accounting and finance major

Jonah Andreatta, music education student

Elinor Ostrom, former distinguished professor of political science and Nobel Prize winner (2009)

Stephanie Schneider, entrepreneurship and sustainable business major

Michelle Aguinis, finance and technology management student

Sophia Muston, journalism student

Andrew Winship, associate professor of fine arts

Frances Marshall, first black female graduate of IU (1919)

Jack Bobo, IU alumnus and expert in global food policy

Alfred Kinsey, founder of IU’s Institute for Sex Research (now The Kinsey Institute)

Darrell Pirtle, kinesiology student

Catherine Xu, cognitive science and economics student